KIC Washington, D.C.

What Programs Do We Offer?

KIC offers “Technology Exchange & Transfer” accelerating programs that focus on supporting and promoting Korean technology companies’ cross-border technology exchange, business expansion, tech commercialization to achieve successful market entry, and securing funding from the US strategic & financial investment communities.

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KIC Tech Frontier

Process of converting R&D results to marketable business models, KIC strives to advocate for the process of incorporating new technological entrepreneurship called ‘Lab-to-Market’.


KIC Tech Lean Innovation

From strategy development to market entry support such as deep-dive market research, global marketing, and connection to a pinpointed target market, this program enables Korean startups' soft landing throughout the process.


KIC Tech Launch

A strategic platform program for technology-based Korean startups. The purpose of the program is to provide entrepreneurial education, mentoring, and opportunities to connect with the U.S. accelerators, investors, and potential partners.