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Korea Innovation Center (KIC) is funded by the Korean government on a mission to create a global startup ecosystem throughout our four locations - Washington D.C, Silicon Valley, Berlin, and Beijing. We discover and incubate promising Korean technology startups by providing assets such as connections to market enablers, accelerators, and training programs. More than 80 Korean startups join us to explore the U.S market annually. We welcome leaders from various sectors to build a vibrant network between the U.S. and South Korea.

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We create opportunities for you to expand your startup's scopes. Come work with us.


KIC guides startups through the integration process with our devoted mentor community.


KIC provides acceleration programs to startups in different stages of development to fit their business needs.


KIC has a strong network of experts, investors, and entrepreneurs who are committed to innovation and technology.


KIC offers resources such as providing co-working office space, initial IP Research & estimation service, and professional consulting service.


'Expand your startup's presence around the world by working with us.

KIC Tech Frontier

Process of converting R&D results to marketable business models, KIC strives to advocate for the process of incorporating new technological entrepreneurship called ‘Lab-to-Market’.

KIC Global Lean Innovation

From strategy development to market entry support such as deep-dive market research, global marketing, and connection to a pinpointed target market, this program enables Korean startups' soft landing throughout the process.

KIC Tech Launch

A strategic platform program for technology-based Korean startups. The purpose of the program is to provide entrepreneurial education, mentoring, and opportunities to connect with the U.S. accelerators, investors, and potential partners.

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