KIC Washington, D.C.

KIC Tech Lean Innovation

Technology-based Korean startups aiming to enter the US entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Who?
    • Technology-based startups
  • What?
    • Softlanding Program: From strategy development to market entry support such as deep-dive market research, global marketing, and connection to a pinpointed target market, this program enables Korean startups' soft landing throughout the process. It is to focus on the actual performance progress of participants rather than providing one-time support.
    • Bio I-Corps: It is a 4-week intensive training in Baltimore, MD, following a week of education in Korea, in the global innovation center of bio-health industry. NSF I-Corp’s National Instructor will dedicate their time to educate business model, provide advanced training, and practice for Customer Discovery (POC Verification)
  • When?
    • Softlanding Program
      • June 2019 to March 2020
    • Bio I-Corps (2019)
      • 6/30  - 7/2 (Korea)
      • 8/19- 9/6 (Baltimore, Maryland)

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