KIC Washington, D.C.

KIC Tech Launch

A strategic platform program for technology-based Korean startups. The purpose of the program is to provide entrepreneurial education, mentoring, and opportunities to connect with the U.S. accelerators, investors, and potential partners.
  • Who?
    • Technology-based start-ups with
  • What?
    • KIC-FedTech: Among programs supporting education/training in the US, selected US Accelerators specializing in technology matching and has contractual connections with US government agencies will collaborate to design and operate the KIC Fed-Tech program.
    • KIC Tech Connect: A strategic global cultivation platform supporting the selection of prospective Korean startups and establishing profit models and investment attraction strategies through product/business model verification in the US.
  • When? (2020)
    • Track 1 Mar - Jul (Online)
    • Track 2 Feb - Sep (Washington D.C.)

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