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2020 Born2Global Membership Admission

Apply :

Market-driven scaleup phase 2020. 1. 20 – 2.14 (until 17:00)

 Global business prep phase 2020. 1. 20 – 3.06 (until 17:00)

Final Selection :
up to 90 companies

Market-driven scaleup phase : up to 70 companies

Global business prep phase : up to 20 companies


The target companies : Startups with ICT convergence technology


Each year, we select over 100 companies to join our one-year membership accelerator program, by providing services such as consulting and business development to expand their businesses globally.


How we support

Business consulting in legal, patent, accounting, PR to scaleup globally.

Domestic and overseas demoday and matchmaking events to generate leads and attract venture capitalists.

Informative programs that provides skills needed for success in international business.

Coworking spaces provide the facilities, equipment, and amenities needed to support members' businesses.

Product/service satisfies a strong market demand by potential partners and customers.


Who are you seeking for

- Companies having products/services in innovative ICT technologies, and willing to expand their business overseas.


How it works (Submit Deadline)

Market-driven scaleup phase

1st round (1.20 – 2.14 until 17:00) : Document screening process with internal judges.

2nd round (2.24 – 2.28): Interview with internal and external experts.

3rd round (3. 6 – 3.13 until 17:00): Document evaluation with external judges.

Announcement 3.27

Global business prep phase :

1st round (1.20 – 3.06 until 17:00) : Document screening process with internal judges.

2nd round (3.17 – 3.20): Interview with internal and external judges.

Announcement 3.27

See the below PDF file for more information.

2020 본투글로벌센터 해외진출지원사업 참여기업 모집 공고문.pdf



Market-driven scaleup phase [ ~ 2.14 (17:00) ] :

Global business prep phase [ ~ 3.06 (17:00) ] :

접수지원을 원하시는 기업 중, 2018/2019년도 멤버사에 해당되는 기업은 info@born2global.com으로 신청링크를 요청해주세요.

기존정보가 입력되어있는 개별신청링크를 발송해 드리겠습니다.

Contact : 031-5171-5637,

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