KIC Washington, D.C.

2019 KIC-KISA Cyber Summit

4201 Wilson Boulevard #3rd Floor, Arlington, VA 22203 (Industrious Washington, D.C. Ballston)

Brian Han (Deputy Director)
Phone: (571) 405-6220

We're excited to invite you to the 2019 KIC-KISA Cyber Summit, which will be held from November 19th to November 20th. This event's theme will focus on Cyber Security, featuring 8 of the most innovative Korean startups. On November 19th, all interested attendees will have the opportunity to personally meet the entrepreneurs from the 8 startups and conduct a 1:1 meeting to discuss the possibility of potential partnership. On November 20th, additional 1:1 business meeting will be made available to the public throughout the day for all interested parties. Starting at 5PM, the companies will conduct a Pitch Deck presentation to introduce their business plan and answer questions from the audience. Attendees will get a first look at the startups, meet the founders, and network with other top-tier investors, & corporate strategists.  



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About Korea Innovation Center (KIC)

Korea Innovation Center (KIC) is funded by the Korean government on a mission to create a global startup ecosystem throughout its four locations- Washington DC, Silicon Valley, Berlin, and Beijing. We discover and incubate promising Korean technology startups by providing assets such as connections to market enablers and/or accelerators and training programs. More than 80 Korean startups join our KIC (Washington DC) center and explore the US market annually. We welcome partners from various sectors to build a vibrant network across the US and Korea.

About Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)

Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) is the only Internet and Information Security promotion organization in Korea with an aim to improve global competitiveness of Korea's Internet industry. Cyber threats are spreading to various platforms such as IoT and mobile, and attack techniques are becoming more and more intelligent. Korea Internet & Security Agency will strengthen the competitiveness of Internet and information security industry by developing and spreading intelligent and convergence security technologies as the leading institution of the 4th industrial revolution, leading this trend of change in the times.

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