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500 X KIC Growth Bootcamp


Ki Baek Kim

500 X KIC Growth Bootcamp is a U.S. market entry program for startups co-hosted by 500 Startups and KIC Washington, the world's leading startup accelerators, and will be online for five weeks from January 18 to February 19.

As a full-fledged commercialization program, it will give you a chance to verify whether your business model and product can successfully work in the global market. It will also be a valuable opportunity for companies that have no prior experience entering the U.S. market and you will obtain program references from global startup accelerator, 500 Startups.


* Program Purpose:

  • Preparing to build a reference through pilot projects with local businesses

  • Building US Local Investor and Sales Pipeline in the U.S.

  • Creating corporate business models oriented to the U.S. market and completing a valid pitch deck for the U.S. investment market

  • Promoting corporate solutions and increasing a chance of corporate exposure through a demo day

* Program content:

  • Establishment of strategies to Enter the U.S. Market: Developing Specific plans on Target Customer Segmentation, Value Proposition, etc. through lectures and mentoring sessions

  • Expert mentoring: Weekly Growth Meeting (1:1 customized coaching) with mentors from 500 start-ups

  • Pitching Boot Camp: Learning the concept of business pitch and modifying and improving pitch deck and methods

  • Demo Day: Networking with well-known U.S. investors and strategic partners, company introduction presentation, and product demonstration

* Participants:

  • Companies that aim to enter the global marketEarly stage ~ Pre-Series A companies that have experienced more than 20% annual growth (sales, revenue, etc.) over the past year: Companies recognized for their technology and marketability in the domestic market will be prioritized.

  • Enterprises and teams with current or past experience in the Tech Frontier Program can apply for this program

  • Companies with investment/sales experience in the U.S. and those with branch offices in the U.S. will be prioritized

  • Companies that hold the U.S. or foreign patents or certificates

  • The Final 10 companies will be selected

* Program schedule:

  • Application Timeline: 16 November 2020 – 18 December 2020

  • Final Selection Announcement: Scheduled before December 31st

  • Boot Camp Schedule: January 18 to February 19, 2021 (five-week online program)

  • Demo Day Schedule: February 19, 2021 (online)

* Application Link:

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